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What do I take on Holiday for a dog?

I love going on holiday. The new friends, the new smells and the increased chances of a stray sausage falling my way but I can find it rather stressful, particularly in the run up when routines are all out of whack and everyone is getting excited. I get excited too but I don’t always understand what is going on.

As in increasing number of humans take us pets on holiday and as holiday companies wake up to this fact and offer more pet friendly holidays we need to ensure that our pet’s needs into account.

Imagine, for a moment, being your dog. He is probably asking himself what is going on. Why is everyone so excited, what do the big suitcases mean, and most importantly, what about me? Find time to reassure your pet and use the following list to ensure you are prepared with all the essentials for a great holiday.

  • Food – stock up on his normal food so you don’t run out when you are away
  • Stake and longline – the feeling of freedom without the worry!
  • Travel bowls for food and water – collapsible for easy storage
  • Travel water bottle – sightseeing is thirsty work
  • Seatbelt restraint/harness or crate – better safe than sorry
  • Bed and/or blanket – the smell and feel of home can be very reassuring
  • Toys – for those relaxation moments
  • Treats and chews – well it’s a holiday!
  • Natural calming/travel sickness remedy – because we can get overexcited

But above all remember to enjoy your holiday and quality time with the WHOLE family!


Nelson the Schnauzer

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Upset Tummy by Nelson the Schnauzer


I’ve not been feeling well; a bit of a tummy ache and interesting things happening at the other end…been wondering if it is something to do with the delicious morsel of smelly loveliness I ate off the pavement yesterday but anyhoo…

Fortunately my hu-man has noticed I am a little off colour so has left me plenty of fresh water and has let me have lots of alone time while I try and get better.

Upset tummies are part of a dog’s life and generally speaking we recover within 24 hours. If things don’t improve after 24 hours you could try a starvation diet (just water) for 12 – 24 hours, then introduce plain chicken and rice (in a ratio of 1:2) or some Lilys Kitchen recover recipe, which contains a probiotic, feeding small amounts 3-4 times a day. Do make sure your pooch is drinking water and if he becomes lethargic, bites his side, has a fever or there is any sign of blood get him to the vets.

Upset tummies can be caused by many things. That tasty morsel I spoke of earlier, a nasty bug or an intolerance to certain foods. If it’s persistent it may be worth looking at diet or getting some tests done by the vet.

Prevention is, of course, better than a cure so always keep food poisonous to dogs out of reach (chocolate, raisins, grapes, avocado, cooked bones, mushrooms, xylitol).  There are a few natural remedies such as Digestive Tablets or Tree bark Powder that can help maintain a healthy tummy and it’s always worth keeping a supply of Recovery Recipe in the cupboard.

Hmm, perhaps I do fancy a little bit of chicken and rice …

Nelson was talking to Hannah James, dog translator and owner of The Pet Shed, 100 Preston Drove, BN1 6EW. Tel: 01273 554164